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Jul. 16th, 2008

(no subject)

I am on a trip around the world and won't be updating this blog very often.

Check my other blog at:



Apr. 17th, 2007


We finally got out of our apartment today: we gave our keys back, we received our deposit check and left the garage one last time using the "open" button instead of the buzzers. I think we can indeed be called "vagabonds" starting right now...

For the last five days we worked frantically. Last Sunday we moved (almost) everything to a storage unit. Many thanks to Lemo, Mihai, Bobo, Tudor, Adrian and Joe, who helped carry all our junk to the truck and then out of it. Just don't forget to mark your calendars a year from now for the reverse move ;-)

Cleaning up and taking out all the "small" stuff that remained in the apartment after the big move was no piece of cake; I feel like I carried hundreds of bags of trash to the garbage room, and thousands of small boxes to the car. It is painfully obvious to me that we have a billion various items that we count now as candidates for a place in our backpacks. Soon we will have to set up some sort of "Survivor" system, and vote things off the backpack.

Uhm, yeah, here's our new address:

Apr. 13th, 2007

Downtown @ Kearny street

Downtown @ Kearny street
Originally uploaded by fritz_da_kat.
I spent a few days in San Francisco getting visas and having fun with Steve, his fiancee and their friends. Consider this a sort of preliminary training for our big trip. I walked every day for hours, up and down the city hills, until it became clear that it was either me or my shoes to win this battle. I eventually stepped in a footwear store close to Union Square and bought a pair of ecco leather shoes and a pair of Timberland canvas shoes. Both of them are feather light and very comfortable, and will be coming with me on this trip.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but I didn't do that well. On top of my lack of eye for interesting sights I also had the small point-and-shoot Sony camera with me, which has a hard time focusing on most sunny days; it's has to do something with the contrast. So I tried to stick with street scenes. I'll do better next time, I promise...

I love San Francisco, this city gets to you very easily. It has the air of a real town, a place where people live, they do not just work and sleep. Each time I return to Seattle after a few days spent in "The City" I feel like such a provincial...

Apr. 1st, 2007

Do not get married!!!

Unless you are a sadomasochistic rich bastard.

I just paid $3292 to Uncle Sam today for our first "married and filing jointly" celebration. Enough to cure anyone of dreams of white dresses and church steps. Forget about it, unless you can buy a house fast or... travel around the world.

"That's no grass!"

"That's no grass!"
Originally uploaded by fritz_da_kat.
Before leaving Seattle for good I wanted to take some pictures form the barn and the horses that have been a constant presence in my weekends for the last four years.

Whether I got drunk or high and partied too much the night before, I would always muster enough determination to drive to Woodinville for my lesson. The reward of doing so was more than convincing; that feeling of freedom and empowerment and complete peace with the world that I would experience once the lesson was over (especially after a good lesson) could be matched only by few of the mundane satisfactions we get when doing things that we like.

Goodbye my dear horses, I think I'm going to cry now. No, wait! I have another lesson next weekend - that would be indeed the last one - for the next year, at least...

Mar. 29th, 2007

Just the two of us

The wife is gone to Florida this week, to visit her grandparents. I'm alone with the cat. And today I felt very lonely and despondent. I worked from home, which always feels a little like being sick, I didn't eat much, the house was a mess. I hoped FedEx would deliver my package but they didn's so I drove to their delivery center, then from there to a post office that was opened until midnight (surprise, surprise, these things exist). On my way back I stopped by in Contour and had dinner alone at the counter, barely missing happy-hour. Then I couldn't prevent myself from going to En for  for a beer.

It all feels like I'm living outside of space and time. There is no routine to my life, the cycle of workdays and weekends has been broken and has lost its meaning and whatever is left of it is rushing toward this big bang that's going to be the onset of our very long trip. Where am I going? What's left of me? What will I become?

I feel somehow loopy, as if I were on drugs all the time.

Mar. 23rd, 2007

New cat, new hat

I must again share my living quarters with a feline. This one's Angela's mother's cat. Angela says it's her cat and she only keeps it at her mom's because it's better for the animal to live there, in the boonies, but I that only reinforces my opinion that whoever takes care of the cat is the owner.

This one, Romeo by its human name, is not a nice, shy creature like Lulu, B's cat, who would sit in a corner or under the bed for hours. Instead, it jumps on beds and constantly pesters the human inhabitants of the apartment for attention. Once he's on the bed you can try to take him down, but to no avail; he'll jump right back up, and only drastic measures, like a swift exile out of the room with the door closed would work. Last night we were fooling around on the bed and he absolutely had to rub my back and get between us... hey buddy, I'd let you watch the discovery channel for cats, so you can learn how the humans do it, but you really want to be part of the action, and that makes the subjects uncomfortable...

Mar. 16th, 2007

On the other part of the road

On the other part of the road
Originally uploaded by Julie70.
I got terribly homesick seeing this picture on flickr today. This is the kind of landscape which sometimes triggers mental images that make me miss my homeland. The people... not so much...

Mar. 15th, 2007


I swear, when I saw Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's picture in the news feeds attached to the story on how he confessed to all things under the stars, I thought at first that this was Ron Jeremy... you know, the porn guy...

Mar. 13th, 2007

It was about time...

... for this to happen: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17592285/

The question is, was there anybody who didn't think it will happen?

Maybe this all ends with a new media deal, but either way, the golden days of the free-for-all-and-find-anything YouTube ar gone.

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